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Welcome to life on Earth. We are in this thing together.
Come home to your nature, one-on-one, or in supportive community, as we re-align to Divine Wisdom, as we re-Source ourselves in interconnectivity, abundance, joy and exhilaration.
Life is such a gift!
When we're feeling it we align to the flow of goodness and reciprocity that is our natural wisdom state.

Courtney W. LeDuc, MA Contemplative Education, Integrative Spiritual Practitioner, is ready to facilitate and support your Transformation
Natural Selection is a process of UNITY

"Survival of the fittest" is a myth that is destroying us from the inside out. This lie creates a pervasive culture of anxiety, lack and fear. Freedom from anxiety is available, right here and now.

Through spaciousness, patience, integration, and peace-building inner-work there is the potential for every human being to elevate and expand their personal awareness! We can reveal myriad personal connections to a higher collective unfolding.

In fact, nature is made up of a series of integrated, supportive, and responsive SYSTEMS characterized by mutuality (what we have in common) and reciprocity (what we give and receive to/from one another). Natural selection selects for traits that are inherently more nourishing to the individual, to the community, and to the system as a whole.

Life supports life in growth and balance.

This is the Divine design of nature! It is also how human beings and communities are created, in the image and likeness of Life itself.

Nature-based spiritrual integrative coaching focuses on how we are inseparable from nature, and inseparable from one another.

WildWood life coaching founder Courtney W. Leduc, MA
WildWood Nature-Based Spiritual Wellness Services
There is a still silent space inside you. In the place that knows, we access together your deepest wisdom.

Wholeness is already part of your experience, it is available and accessible at any time when we know where to look. You have the power to elevate your consciousness, and rise to become the radiant joyful being you've always known you are inside. As the wisdom sages of every age remind us,

"Hapiness is an inside job!"

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