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About WildWood:

Nature - Community - Creativity
as Spiritual Practice

Nature-based Spiritual Wellness Coaching in Morrison, CO
We are created by LIFE in each breath anew. How we connect to that source of life, what we choose to do with each breath, each thought, each moment is up to us.

Making choices from a place of authenticity and alignment to Source takes practice, insight, and quietude.

We connect to nature, creativity, and a contemplative, insightful community to realize and practice our innate goodness. Spiritual Practice brings about transformation in consciousness; a sense of wholeness that can feel, at times, vulnerable and uncertain. It can be tender to move fully into letting go of “grasping."

When we let go into the flow of LIFE we are freed from ego concerns about lack, need, and fear… we move from a place of anxiety and insecurity into a place of infinite good, prosperity, integration in our relationships, our communities, our orientation toward the natural world, and our own creative power as stewards and manifestors in a dynamic universe.

There are so many possibilities and methods for transformation of consciousness, I hope you will allow the synergistic combination of nature, creativity, imagination, wisdom, relationship, and guidance of Wildwood Workshops to support you on your spiritual journey!

Find self-help workshops in picturesque Morrison, CO.

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Self-help is a shorthand for connection, integration, and practice. The wholeness of life is as easy and picturesque as a walk through the woods when we understand our part in the larger systems of our own lives.
Based out of Morrison, CO.